Fetish: Exhibitionism

Sex Toy: vibrators

Time for Sex: anytime

Position: doggie style

Things: giving head

Sexual Fantasy: outdoor sex

Body Style: muscular

Place to have Sex: Big King Size Comfy Bed

Foreplay: Wrestling around

Body Part: arms


Stuff About me:

This is Off Limits: one night stands

One thing I Hate: negative people

One thing I Love: masturbating

My Best Feature is my: mouth

I can Play: drums

I have a Webcam: YES

I like to : Be Watched


Sexy Stuff About me:

My Boobs are: perfect 36D

My Pussy is: Tigh shaved and Wet

My Ass is: like a peach

My Body is: hot

In The Shower I: masturbate

I Visit Strip Bars: once a month

On a First Date, I like to: go anywhere fun

Viewing a Porn Movie I: watch it in Fast forward and make my own commintary

I Masturbate: almost everyday

I Have Sex: everyday

Naked I look like: sexy

Other Things I like:

some stuff i like Ben & Jerry's, Pop Tarts Strawberry, Goldfishes, Cotton Candy The Pink kind, American Eagle, Aero,and Victoria's